Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Door Project

I have one project with a deadline coming up - scrape, repaint, and rehang the door to the library. (Well, two - buy a sleeper sofa - but that's less like a project and more like just spending a whole whack of money.)
Both of these things have deadlines because my family is coming to stay in my house for Christmas - my sister is staying in the library, I think, and she might like there to be a door on the room.

When we moved in, we painted the whole house. We are almost entirely done, except for the kitchen, and touchups. The previous owners picked some really awful, garish colors. The library was neon pink. The door to the library is still neon pink.

Here, Lucy demonstrates our initial reaction to this color:

In addition to picking that color, the previous owners also painted latex based paint over the existing oil based paint without any sort of prep or primer. Which means all the doors have big sheets of latex paint peeling off - I can't just paint a more reasonable color on top of the pink.
I am scraping all the latex paint off, sanding, priming, and repainting the doors white. This takes forever, possibly because it's so boring, and the only space we have to do it is in the basement.

Lucy refuses to go in the basement. She thinks it's creepy, and weird, and too dark. (Our resident Monster is afraid of the dark.) She prefers to watch everyone from the top of the stairs and add commentary.

Here is the hallway side of the door - mint green. The tan parts are where the girl who had that room glued posters to the door.

The small patch of slightly darker green on the left is where I have scraped so far. Not a much better color, but at least when that was painted the previous-previous owners had the excuse of it being 1978. The layer underneath the pink on the other side of the door is white. Sigh.

I hope I finish in time!

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