Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living Room Window Trim & New Blinds

This weekend we painted the trim on the living room windows, which is some of the last trim to do outside of the kitchen. We also put up new blinds on all four windows.

The previous owners had a different style of blind or different method of installation for almost every window in the house. One room had navy blue and fake wood grain, one room had black and alabaster, etc. By the time we got the house, the blinds had not been cleaned for 8 years. We didn't have enough money to replace them all right away, so we've been doing them one room at a time, as we paint the window trim.

We chose to get all the same kind and color of blind for the same house. Not super expensive, but not the cheapest kind available, either. And we installed them all the same way. Shocking!

The living room blinds were low on the list of blinds to be replaced, since all the other rooms have 2 windows each - and smaller windows - they cost less. The living room has 4 bigger windows, but I really wanted to finish painting and put up new blinds before it got too cold to paint. Not that it seems like that will be happening anytime soon - yesterday it was 70 degrees. In November!

The only old blinds in the house are now in the kitchen - we haven't tackled that room yet.
This is what they all used to look like, but in different colors. Equally dirty & saggy, though.

This is what the living room looked like when we moved in.

(We painted this room over Labor Day weekend.)

This is what we were doing this morning:

There were some helpers:

And this is what it looked like tonight, when we finished:

David installing the last blind:

The helper monster takes credit for the whole thing, of course:


Debbie said...

Was the husband named Peter, by any chance?

Peter Peter pumpkin eater...

Jeremy said...

Great job!! Your chocie for window blinds are appreciable!! I'm looking for similar kind of blinds for my home!!

Unknown said...

That certainly was a lot of help. It's quite correct that you have decided on an add-on such as window treatment to help you reinforce your fine abode from the inside.

Roxie @ Allure