Friday, November 14, 2008

Door Hardware

The reason I became aware of houseblogging at all was because of Stuccohouse. And this was because of door hardware.

All of the hardware (and electric switches and outlets and fixtures) in all of the rooms was painted over by the previous owners. I was searching the internet and found these posts about removing paint from hardware.

I tried this method, with great results:

The other door hardware problem involved the mortise locks on the interior doors. Mainly - not all the doors have them:

Some doors have them but they're incredibly painted over:

It turns out that this house has mortise door locks that are such a unique size that it is impossible to find them on ebay or elsewhere on the internet. We are still pulling the bedroom door closed by sticking our finger in the hole.

I got new hinges from Rejuvenation - the old ones were industrial-style flat grey steel. All the other original hardware in the house is brass. (Except the basement doorknob - one side, and the bathroom door knob - one side.)

Eventually I will replace all the hinges with these.

Meanwhile, the hardware (all painted over, not standard size) is really frustrating. Ugh!

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