Friday, April 30, 2010

By The Numbers

In March we finally took care of a project that has needed to be done. The house numbers that came with the house were the original numbers put on when the house was built in 1949. Many of the houses in the neighborhood have the same style numbers, but the wood plaque that ours were on was rotting. (Due to a hole in the gutter directly above the number - whenever it rained the wood got soaked.)

The old numbers.

The old numbers close up.

Virginia's dad got us a new sign and house numbers from Lowe's for Christmas, but we didn't have good enough weather to install it before March.

Virginia assembled the new sign, and I took down the old sign. It looks like the people who installed it originally drilled two holes, hammered in wooden pegs, and then nailed the board to the pegs. 60 year old rotted wood crumbles pretty easily.

I filled the old holes with silicone filler, and marked the new holes. I made sure that these were level - the light above is installed at an angle, which is more obvious when the slanted number sign is gone. When I started to drill into the stone I didn't get very far - I had to go to Home Depot and get a few more drill bits designed for stone. (These worked, but it took both drill batteries.)

The new sign looks great, though!

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