Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kitchen Update

This weekend I painted the kitchen walls Behr Coastal Mist. David thinks it is too light, but I think it's great - it makes the room look a million times bigger than it did with the red walls. (And less like a McDonald's!)





So far, we have done 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of color. We have another coat of color to go, then the ceilings and the trim. We removed the plastic trim that was put up as baseboards. We have to get new (wooden) baseboard trim and install it. We have to pull out the stove and the refrigerator to clean behind them and paint the half wall. The doorway trim next to the refrigerator was removed, we have to replace that. The ceiling fan is going, I want to replace it with a flush mount fixture, no fan, and no exposed bulb.

So far, the cost breakdown is this:
$14.94 (paintbrushes)
$23.47 (Behr paint)
-$5.00 (Behr paint rebate)

My goal is for the whole project (minus the dishwasher, which will clock in at around $750) to cost no more than $300. I am going to try and squeeze some vinyl tile flooring in there. (And remove the ones that are there now.) And the faux metal backsplash.

We had everything else (primer, ceiling paint, trim paint, primer brushes, painter's tape) left over from last year, when we painted the whole house.

I am thinking of painting the cabinets white/offwhite/cream/something else? because the wood is very overbearing and dated. Not that this kitchen will look super no matter what because I don't want to spend a ton until we can renovate it. Whenever that will be.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a brownish gold color with redder overtones as accents/kind of a thin overcoat? Or spring green? From the picture you posted (and my monitor settings) I agree with David that the wall color does look very light and so would not go with another very white-ish color for the cabinetry, personally. I am amazed at how quickly you seem to be making it through fixing up the house, though, given the other things you do and how you both are employed and have 2 dogs that you take care of and play with.