Monday, March 30, 2009

Front Garden

This weekend we ripped out the herb garden I planted out front last year. I didn't plan it really well - in New England, where I last grew herbs, they didn't get nearly as big. In Maryland? These were Monster Herbs, and they took over the front walkway.

So we started digging bigger beds for this year's herbs. (Also, on the right, helping, is new puppy Alice.)

We only got one side dug because we were surprised by a hailstorm.


Debbie said...

I like the last picture, with both dogs staring forlornly out the doorway.

I'm impressed Alice behaved herself. I noticed Lucy was not allowed outside in the first picture.

Marvin Mills said...

Looks like you've got so much to do with all this stuff, girl. And you know it's quite hard fixing your front garden while it's raining. =( I'm glad that you made it! Well, I'm looking forward to your new garden, soon!